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China Corporate Video: Simon Li Sofa

China Corporate Video? Check out our previous work for Simon Li: Simon Li is the top notch sofa maker and it has great reputation as a local business, we joined the early stage of the creative and created this series of videos for them to engage their audience, from the homepage to the Tmall product page, the well crafted script sells the story.

It was a fun shoot!

We shot the whole corporate video in 3 days, even though it was in the summer, we still had a lot of fun shooting this video, the every stage of the sofa making is very interesting to us, for example, the leather needs to be tested so many times to eventually put into the product, you can see how they also match the color through the color reference card, the right color leather can make the reference card disappear.

Thanks for our client Simon Li and everyone who was part of this project.

Directed by Matt Clarke,

DP:Jia Zi (Corporate Video), Ken Xu(Product Videos),

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Simon Li China Corporate Video

Simon Li China Sofa Product Video

Simon Li China Sofa Product Video 2

Simon Li China Sofa Product Video 3
SimonLi China Corporate Video
SimonLi China Corporate Video

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