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Shanghai Video Editing Services

Are you looking for the video editing services based in Shanghai? We help our clients with their videos, whether it’s video editing or motion graphic videos, we are here to help.

Video Editor based in Shanghai

Based in Shanghai, we have a selective bunch of editors that we closely working together as a group or individual, we have a office but we also can also meet up with our clients with the editing computer, so our clients can communicate while the editor make the things happen.

Video Editing Services in Chinese&English

Our services are available in Chinese&English, with native speakers in both language, we are confident to work with our clients to deliver the quality video editing services, avoiding the small mistakes that can ruin client’s medium.

Speaking of language, we also have French and more language available if client requires, save your communication effort.

Work Remotely&Internationally

Whether you are in Shanghai or anywhere else, we can work with you remotely, we work a lot with FTP and any file sharing services, simply send us your files and we can work around them.

Our editors understand the visuals

We want your video to get success results, that’s why great editing experience is the key, our editors understand the visual and we always work towards the goal, our editors work on the big brands and interesting creative projects from time to time.

Shanghai Video Editing Services