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High Quality Corporate Video – Shanghai Corporate Communication Video Services

We help our clients create high quality corporate video, whether it’s a image film for your company or a new product launch, our in house corporate video director will work with you closely to make it happen.

Corporate Video From Scartch

Creating a video can be easy, but creating something represent your business will take a lot more effort, especially a video that will speak for your company to the outside world, you definitely want someone experienced to guide you through the creative process so you don’t waste the time on low quality result.

With us, creating corporate video with us is like a production line, we process the creative with clients and put it into the best possible practice, our in house video director has been working closely with the fortune 500 companies, over the past 10 years, our crew have been filming non-stop on different format of videos.

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Shanghai Corporate Video Company

Are you looking for Shanghai corporate video company? We help clients with their corporate videos, from the content planning to the script writing, we have years of corporate film making experience, we guide our clients through each step of the corporate video production.

Why Choose us for your Corporate Video?

We ask us for the same question very often. The answer is, we have enough corporate video experience. Not that is something to be proud of, what we enjoy the most is working with clients, who want to produce a nice film for their company, getting to know the company from an outsider, and craft a script that shows about the company culture, product or services, is a very interesting journey.

Shooting Corporate Video in Shanghai

Our core teams are consists of experienced film makers, that know about the film language, moreover, we have talents that speak both Chinese and English, this is very important in terms of the local culture.

Shanghai Corporate Video Production

We have great cameraman that we work with for years, and talented editor that has years of editing&special effect skills to make film flows.

Shanghai Corporate Video Company

Shanghai Corporate Video Content Producer

Are you looking for Shanghai Corporate Video Content Producer? We have years of video production experience, and our producers know about how to create great video content for clients, whether it’s corporate video or branded content, we have done it many times!

Create Corporate Video with pro Film Makers

When it comes to creating corporate video, the most important process is to organize the content, our producer&directors comes from the news, documentary and commercial background, they have great experience in content creation and actual production, through years, we work on the big and small projects to learn from everyone, we see every project as an opportunity to improve.